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Name: James Hewitt
Battle Name: Workshop Assault
Attacker Overview: SPACE MARINES
You have located an Ork vehicle workshop. You have equipped a small group of men with explosives, and must destroy it at all cost. If it isn't destroyed, Ork vehicles will continue to be a threat. You may pick a 300pt army.
Defender Overview: ORKS
Space marines have found the workshop! Defend it, no matter what! You may pick an army worth 400pts, but may count Fast Attack squads as troops (this is a vehicle workshop, remember!)
Special Rules: In addition to the 300pts of troops, the Marines also get a tactical squad of 5 men with one flamer. The whole squad is equipped with explosives (see Mission Objective). The Night Fighting and victory points rules are used.
Setup: Use a square table, preferably 4'x4'. Terrain is set up as normal, but with a large building (the Workshop) in the centre: this must be a building with a large opening in one wall (for vehicles to get out), which will allow the bombers entry. The Orks must set up within 12" of the centre of the table. The marines may set up within 6" of the table's edges.
Mission Objective: The Marines with the explosives must destroy the Workshop building, by moving inside it and spending one shooting phase arming the explosives. The marines may move away in the assault phase. At the end of the turn, anything within 5" of the workshop will be killed instantly. The marines also get a 100 victory point bonus.
Reserves: At the start of every Ork turn, roll a D6. On a 6 the meks in the workshop have finished a vehicle, and it can move out from the Workshop at the start of the nmovement phase. To determine which vehicle is made, roll a D6:
1-3 = Bike
4-5 = Buggy/Trak
  6 = Trukk + 5 boys
If you do not have the appropriate model, roll again.
Game Length: D6 + 3 turns.
Line of Retreat: Orks retreat into the workshop. Marines retreat back to the nearest table edge.