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Name: Darren Mooney
Battle Name: The Warped Saga, Part 1
Attacker Overview: Are you aware of Cevla-9?
If not, it is a reasearch colony experimenting with Warp Tunnels. Last week it achieved a break-through:
  It managed to discover an energy source that could be mined and used to produce great energy.
That was the last message received from the colony. We believe the Dark Eldar have seized the colony.
  You must get it back, before the Eldar do too much damage with the weapon...
Defender Overview: So, the Imperium was working on a weapon.
  No matter, you have done well to capture the stronghold, but can you hold it?
  The Imperium is sending a squad in, guard the portal wih your life.
Special Rules: None.
Setup: 1. Both players (the Dark Eldar and the Space Marines/Imperial Guard/Sisters of Battle) role the dice. The person who gets highest positions one of his/her troops on the board. The other then deploys one of their troops. And the process continues.
2. The Attacker may deploy within 4 inches of one side. The defender may deploy within 8 inches of the other.
3. The Defender places a small structure 4 inches from their side of the table.
4. Roll again. The highest score chooses whether to go first or second.
5. Let the battle begin. 
Mission Objective: The Attacker must reach the structure in the Defender's area before the match ends.
  The Defender must stop the attacker.
Reserves: None.
Game Length: Variable number of turns.
Line of Retreat: Troops falling back take the shortest route to their board edge.