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Battle Name:	Battle of the Trainyard
Your Name:	Runeweaver
Your E-Mail:
Overview - Attacker:	You have been assigned to infiltrate and capture a
vital trainyard to the enemies. You get about 700-1000 points.
Overview - Defender:	You must wait in a trainyard and hold it, scouts
have had reports of enemy activity. You get about 500 or so points.
Scenario Special Rules:	Use a model train table and model train stuff,
I havent been able to try it, but I was thinking about it when i saw my
brothers Model Train Table.
Set Up:	Attackers may ONLY move on the first turn.
Defenders are placed roughly in the center of the board, the tracks
should be a rough oval around the table. Put train cars down for cover
and a good sorta' beat up feel. The attackers then come from the Front
side of the table. 
Objective - Attacker:	Move in and take the table, push, or destroy as
many enemies as possible. Once the enemy concedes, or all his troops
have been destroyed you have won.
Objective - Defender:	Defend your territory, with loosing as few
casualties as possible. When you push the attackers back off the table
you have won.
Reserves - Attacker:	None
Reserves - Defender:	On the Fifth turn, Reinforcements arrive from
(Scatter Dice) side of the table. They MUST arrive on the tracks.
Game Length:	Variable
Line of Retreat - Attacker:	End of Table
Line Of Retreat - Defender:	End of Table
Other Things:	I havent tried it yet, if someone does, email me your
comments! Thanks!