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Battle Name: Street Sweeper

Your Name: Ed Blakslee

Your E-Mail:

Overview - Attacker: Several rival armies have beeen fighting for days and now are locked in a bloody stalemate. You must take as many streets and city blocks as possible to prepare for an upcoming assault.

Overview - Defender:

Scenario Special Rules: In filtators, ONLY ONE VEHICLE since briging such heavy firepower into the narrow city streets is difficult.

Set Up: Each player sets up in a 12"x12" area on a table corner or in the center of the table. Scenery shuold be a ruined city with lots of streets.

Objective - Attacker: Take as many city blocks as you can. Minimize losses. 150 points per city block occupied by only your troops. 50 points per Block if enemy troops are present as well.

Objective - Defender:

Reserves - Attacker: Reserves come in from your deployment zone. The player in the centers reserves come on from a random table edge. That means there is an advantage to being in the middle!

Reserves - Defender:

Game Length: 8 Turns

Line of Retreat - Attacker: Back torwards you deployment zone.

Line Of Retreat - Defender:

Other Things: This would be a good scenario to try out these special rules: Night Fight, Booby Traps, Minefields, Hiveworld terrian generator.