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Battle Name:	Search and rescue
Your Name:	Bill
Your E-Mail:	Pepsi
Overview - Attacker:	in the after math of a huge battle one of the
enemy's squads has survived! your army size is 1,500 points.
Overview - Defender:	you have been devistated in a resent battle with
the enemy. luvkly some reserves were droped in to help you out. in the
resent battle you have lost a squad containing a your general!(your
enemy doesnt know this.)your army size is also 1,500 points.
Scenario Special Rules:	well, this scenario gets a little odd. there
must be a 3rd person prsent during the battle who is the only one who
knows where the lost and crippled squad is(you must trust that he wont
designate where that squad is in a favorable place for either of the
armies. i sugest this 3rd person designates that the lost squad is so
many inches away from a land mark.the squad that is lost must be 1/2
its normal size.once any of the armies come with in the 8 inches of the
squad it is placed on the board. the squod may not go under the
defenders controll untill the defender has forces with in 8 inches it.
Set Up:	each side has a base of some sort placed on oposite sides of
the board. the board should be between 4-5 long and 5-6 in with. this
scenario takes place on a island.
Objective - Attacker:	to destroy the crippled squod and destroy the
Objective - Defender:	to rescue the crippled squad,return it to thier
base and hold it in their base for 3 turns
Reserves - Attacker:	the attacker has 500 points of researves
Reserves - Defender:	none
Game Length:	unlimited!
Line of Retreat - Attacker:	the attacker may not retreat,it must fight
to the death!
Line Of Retreat - Defender:	it has no means of retreat,it is stuck on
Other Things:	this scenario was disigned for Chaos Vs. any imperial
amry, but it works for any races.