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[No Name]

by Runeweaver      -    2nd Edition rules??

Attacker Overview:

Yes!We have found an enemy pick up site. We must move in after the enemies first turn. We must prevent them from getting back.

Defender Overview:

Must retreieve the bomb, then have varied ( depending on the table size)  turns to return to the Pickup zone. The bomb is located at the  other end of the table. At a point determined by a scatter dice and D6.

Special Rules:

If the bomb is not brought back, it explodes killing everything within 12". The Attacker's get 1 Vicrory Point for every enemy killed, plus 1 more for main objective reached.


The Defenders are located at one ende, the bomb the other. The attackers come in using scatter dice right after the defenders move.

Mission Objective:


To destroy the bomb, makesure it doesnt get to it's target (the otehr side of the table).


To get the bomb back.



Game Length:


Line of Retreat: