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My growing list of links.  E-mail me if you see any broken links or if you want your site added, etc...


Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000's creator
Barter Town Good site for buying/selling/trading 40K stuff
The Travelling Mage Good online ordering site for 40K or pretty much anything that has to do with hobbies
New Wave A lot like The Travelling Mage, nice cheap prices
Craftworld Khoura-Suine Very nice Craftworld Eldar site, worth a look
Ultimate Warhammer 40,000 Another nice site, located in the UK, active message board (unlike mine)
Ultimate Games Workshop Website Cool GW site with lots of house rules, scenery ideas, etc.
The Age of the Imperium Cool site with lots of old 40K fiction, good if you like the fluff that GW got rid of with 3rd edition...
Avatar's Warhammer 40K Page 40K page with battle reports and pics to go along with em
Chapter Approved Very cool site with official GW precodexes, and more, very useful
Blitzkrieg Cool 40K site with lots of useful info like campaign rules and more
GW Bashing Page Go here if you want to express your feelings about GW...
TerraGenesis Very nice terrain site, explains how to make terrain that looks great using stuff around your house
The Colossal 40K Resource Site A lot like Chapter Approved, better in some ways, worse in others
The Infinity Circuit GW Website Cool GW page, hasnt been updated for a while though Yet another useful 40K site, not official


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