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Battle Name:	 Dawn of a Hero          
Your Name:	 Death Blow
Your E-Mail:	 emannuel@Badass
Overview - Attacker:	 A small force recon squad has landed on Selka-4
and has met light opposition
Overview - Defender:	 An enemy has lande on your planet ( Selka-4 ) .
You must survive at all costs!!!!!!
Scenario Special Rules:	 each kill is worth 150 % of models points in
victory points 
Set Up:	 Attacker sets up any where within 8" of table edge . Defender
sets up in middle of table  
Objective - Attacker:	 Take your 2 squads and destoy opponent 
Objective - Defender:	 Take your 1 squad and survive for 4 turns 
Reserves - Attacker:	 none 
Reserves - Defender:	 1 squad on turn 3 if you roll a 1 on d6 
Game Length:	 4 turns 
Line of Retreat - Attacker:	 NONE 
Line Of Retreat - Defender:	NONE 
Other Things:	 Desert Heat - every turn roll a d6 for each soldier .If
you roll a 5 soldier dies from Heat