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Name: Vince L. Falcone
E-Mail: WM
Battle Name: This Hallowed Ground...
Attacker Overview: You are the Eldar Leader.  You have been ordered to over run a Chaos Cults Sacrificial Alter Area, where they intend to offer up some captured Imperial Guardsmen to their dark, patron powers.  The Altar is set up within the ruins of an Imperial Cathedral (Further insult to injury to the Imperium).  You have pledged your aid to this world until the Imperium can send more troops to save it.  Your orders are to  rescue the imprisoned Guardsmen (5 V-Points) and eliminate as many as possible (5 points for each squad destroyed to the man)
You are the Space Marine Commander, you will soon be releaving Eldar Forces battling to free your imprisoned soliders before they can be offered up to Chaos.  You will be arriving at the battle to help in trapping and destroying the Chaos Forces.
Defender Overview: You are the Chaos Cultist Leader...a Choas Sorcerer!  You have a nice group of imprisoned Guardsmen to offer to your Dark exchange for 8 Guardsmen, you will be granted an extra Chaos Reward.  If you offer up all the Guardsmen before the battle's end, you will be granted 2 Chaos Rewards, plus the slumbering Dreadnaught will awaken to do your bidding unswervingly.  (The Dreadnaught rsides below the rubble of the cathedral)
Special Rules: 1: This mission allows for the Deep Strike Rules.  2:The Space Marines will come in from a randomly determined edge of the board on turn 2.
3:Chaos Warriors will be returning from patrol on turn 4 from a random edge of the board.
4:It will take one turn of base to base contact for the Sorcerer to slay 2 Imprisoned Guardsmen.
Setup: The ruins of the Cathedral should be located at one end of the board, the eldar will be emerging from the other end under cover of jungle to assail the cultists and stop them before they can sacrifice the prisoners.

Space Marines (3 squads) and Chaos Marines (3 squads) will appea from random locations, 1 squad per turn until all squads have arrived.
Mission Objective: The Eldar simply have to kill as many Chaos Followers as possible, and rescue as many guardsmen as they can. (In base to base contact w/ prisoners, 2 men at a time may run towards the opposite side of the board away from the cathedral unless rallied)
The Space Marines must kill as many Chaos followers as possible, and rescues the prisoners.

For the Good Guys...5 V-Points for releasing at least 1/2 the guardsmen, and 5 V-Points for every full squad of enemy destroyed.  You also get an additional 5 V-Points for killing the Sorceror &/or the Dreadnaught if he awakens!!!

For the Bad get 3 V-Points for every 2 Guardsmen Sacrificed.  You get 20 V-Points for sacrificing all the prisoners.
You get 5 V-Points for every complete enemy squad destroyed.  If the Dreadnaught kills any Eldar or Space Marines...8 V-Points for the bad guys.
Reserves: None to speak of.  Unless you consider forces showing up on different intervals "Reserves".
Game Length: Indefinate.  For the weak of heart....8 Turns.
Line of Retreat: The Allies (Eldar/Space Maries) can retreat back toward the side farthest from the Cathedral.  The Chaos forces can retreat off in any direction.