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by Nathan Myers and Brandon Morin


The Story


Space Marines: You have an outpost on the planet Exodus. A small Ork force attacked you a few days prior to this mission, and you captured the Gretchin and are holding them captive, when you are taken by surprise by the enemy forces...

Eldar: As the Ulthwe Craftworld was flying through space, it was attacked by Space Marines for no apparent reason. A Phoenix Lord remembered the old webway portals the the Eldar of old traveled by, and knew there was one on the planet known to humans as Exodus. He leads an attack on the planet...

Gretchin: 6 Gretchin Mobz were taken prisoner during an attack on the Space Marine outpost. During the battle that this mission takes place in, your pen is blasted open by stray fire. You are free to do what you wish...

Chaos: The Chaos Gods heard of an intense battle on Exodus, and told their followers to destroy all forces on the planet, and to return with plunder. When you arrive, you are overwhelmed by the amount of fighting and destruction going on. This makes you very excited...

Dark Eldar: As often, you are on a normal pillaging/slave raid run on Space Marine forces. This battle, however, has many more forces than you expected. This means more slaves and more torturing for you...

Tyranids: Eat everyone you can! You are just on another routine planet-devouring rampage. Have fun!


Primary Objectives


Space Marines: Your only objectives are to hold out your outpost until nearby [specify chapter] forces arrive after 2 turns. If you do this, it counts as 5 victory points, and from then on, just kill as many enemy forces as possible and receive normal victory points.

Eldar: At first, your primary objective is to destroy the Space Marine forces, but as others arrive, your objectives change. You must fight any Dark Eldar forces that are within 8 inches of any squad, and the same goes for Chaos. You will receive 25% more victory points at the end of the game if your Phoenix Lord survives and you kill at least one Dark Eldar and one Chaos follower.

Gretchin: Your mission is just to get the Space Marine bastards who made fun of your sorry little asses. If you destroy 15% of the Space Marine forces, you get double victory points.

Chaos: Your mission is to kill as many of any army as possible. If you concentrate comepletely on one army, and wipe out 50% of them, then you will gain an extra 150 victory points.

Dark Eldar: Your mission is to get as many slaves as possible. Use the normal slave rules for this, and each slave counts in victory points as many points as the model costed, +50.

Tyranids: When you kill any enemy is an assault, roll a D6. On a roll of 4+ you stop in your tracks and eat the enemy alive. Each meal counts in victory points however many points as the model eaten costed, +25.


Secondary Objective


The Secondary Objective for all races is to minimize all of your own losses.


FFA Special Rules


1. In the first turn of the game, the Eldar come through the warp gate, and it is just a battle between them and the Space Marines.

2. In the second turn, a stray shot from the Eldar hits a gas gan which blows up some oil drums by the holding cell, freeing the Gretchin. The Tyranids also come into play this turn from a random edge of the field (use a scatter die).

3. The third turn is when the Blood Angel reinforcements come in from the Space Marine edge of the table - however, the Dark Eldar come in from their webway portal in the designated corner, and the Chaos Marines come in at the ruins.

4. The following table shows who can ally with who:



Keep in mind that although you may be allied with one army, you are not neccesarily allied with their allies if the table restricts your allying with them. (eg. If you are are Eldar and allied with the Gretchin, you are not/can not be allied with the Dark Eldar if they also are allied with the Gretchin)