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Your Name: Vince L. Falcone


Overview - Attacker: Your Commander has just been informed that theenemy has called up a virus bombing of the planet you are stationed on. The only way off the planet with your men is to traverse through yourown defensively designed perimeter (A long, narrow corridor) called theDeath March towards your Air-Strip where ships are just sitting,waiting to evacuate your forces. One problem though, enemy forces havedeployed a small group of Special Ops that are blocking your path. Worse still, they have your own defensive earth-works to hold you off from. You need to smash your way through the defenders and board thoseships, else you and every living thing on the planet will be terminatedby the Virus Bombing.

Overview - Defender: Your Commander has chosen you to lead a smallgroup of troops down to Daggot VII and hold a vital position that willkeep enemy troops from accessing their Air-Field. As the Commander,you know that the planet will be Virus Bombed from orbit, but also knowthat if you play your cards right, can still deny the enemy theirtransports, and get off the planet at the last second. the missionwill be tough, but thats why High command chose you. You are the bestafter all.Scenario

Special Rules: This mission is ideally designed that thedefenders be Space-Marines, "As they shall know no fear..." Set Up: The Defending Force should be placed at the far side of the"Death March" entrenched, and ready to hold. Directly behind them isthe Air Strip. The Attacking Force starts at the opposite end of the corridor, andmust force its way through the held enemy positions.

Objective - Attacker: As the leader, you are the only one who knows ofthe Virus Bombing. You have exactly 4 turns to breach the defendersline. On turn 5, rumors of the Bombing circulate, and all troops mustmake a save vs panic against the ldr's value. They have exactly 7turns to punch through and board the transports to get off the planetin time.

Objective - Defender: As the leader of this operation, only you know ofthe Viral Bombing about to take place. You have timed this mission with the Exterminatus to the second. You have exactly 5 turns to denythe enemy the pass, then start to pull out. On turn 5, rumors of thebombing also circulate, and the men must make panic tests at the startof every turn.

Reserves - Attacker: The attackers will get reserves on turn 4 and 6. They will show up at a random edge of the table as they are troopsreturning from the field toward the "Sounds of the cannon."

Reserves - Defender: There are no reserve available for the defenders. They do HOWEVER get 1 (and I mean 1) off table support blast fromorbit.

Game Length: Its a biggie...8 turns.

Line of Retreat - Attacker: There's no retreating...if you retreat, youwill die in the bombing. However, any Characters with magic may (ifthey have the spell) teleport of the planet on a roll of 6.

Line Of Retreat - Defender: defenders may retreat to the Air-Strip, butstill will have no where to go. On turn 6, they may start "Boardingthe Transport for escape, but that in effect takes them out of the fight."

Other Things: This mission is designed to be the Imperium vs any otherrace. Ideally, Orcs or Chaos, but Eldar or Tyranid work well too. Bear in mind, that as units board the ship, (Two squads per turn) theyare removed from play, but not as casualties.The Attackers get 10 Victory Points if the leader boards the ship, and1 point for every squad that gets on too. They recieve 1 Victory pointper destroyed Enemy squad and 5 for its leader.The Defenders get 20 points if they get on the ship at the last turnand escape. They get no points for killing enemy squads, as the enemywill invariably be killed by the bomb when it goes off. This missionis only to keep them from escaping the planet. Good luck...and have fun.