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Battle Name: Capture the flag2

Your Name: cory spencer or CoryS33

Your E-Mail:

Overview - Attacker: you must take the opponents flag and do not allowthe opponent to take yours

Overview - Defender: same as attacker, there are no attackers anddefenders, more like teamsScenario Special Rules: can't use infiltrators or deep strike rules

Set Up: each "team" sets up at the opposite end of the table.The flagmay be placed anywhere in your deployment zone. It can't be hidden andmust be out in the open. to get the flag, your model must be touchingit, then you may move with it withpout restrictions.

Objective - Attacker: same as the overview

Objective - Defender: same as overview

Reserves - Attacker: none

Reserves - Defender: none

Game Length: any number of turns

Line of Retreat - Attacker: deployment zone

Line Of Retreat - Defender: deployment zone

Other Things: you must bring the flag to your deployment zone