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Capture the Flag

by Brandon Morin


The Story


All Armies: This is a very simple and quick mission. There is a flag (or some special device, anything will do) in the center of the battlefield that you must capture and bring back to your base.


Primary Objective


All Armies: Your objective is to retrieve the flag from the center of the field, and return it to your board edge.


Secondary Objective


All Armies: Minimize your own losses.


Special Rules


1. To get hold of the flag, you must move next to (base-to-base contact) it, and then on your next turn, you have taken the flag and may return it to your board edge.

2. When you reach your board edge, you must move onto it and stay there for 1 turn (the same way as getting the flag).

3. This mission does not use Deep Strike rules.

4. The winner is the person who retrieves the flag (no victory points)

5. This mission works for any (reasonable) amount of armies.