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Battle Name: Crossed

Your Name: Helmet Bearer

Your E-Mail:

Overview - Attacker: Tyranids. You have landed on yet another populated planet to feed on death destruction and all those pretty things! You are met by opposition as soon as you land. Squads from the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves are ready to save another planet for the imperium.

Overview - Defender: Space Wolves and Dark Angels. You have picked up the incoming tyranids on scanners and deployed immediatly. Yet rivalry among the ranks still stirs even in these bleak times. The Space Wolves see the opportunity that they could assasinate Azreal in the confusion. The Dark Angels are unaware of this (it helps if the Dark angel player doesn't read this)

Scenario Special Rules: Azreal may be assinated anytime after the second turn. Then the Space Wolves try to retreat to leave the rest of the Dark Angels to die in Battle. Any Dark Angel within 12" of Azreal if he is Killed by A space wolf may either continue fighting or retreat to leave the traderous wolves to die. After Azreal is assinated Space wolves begin to fall back towards their deployment zone. If they are in the line of site of any dark angels when they retreat those Dark Angels May also Retreat for fear the battle is lost. Any Dark angels that have a line of sight of dark angels retreating from the assination sight have the message communicated to them of what happened and they are offered the same decision that the witnesses toi the murder are. Other than these no retreats are allowed the tyranids must be stopped.

Set Up: Tyrandis deploy on one side of the table the chapters deploy on the other side. The rest of the set up goes as normal.

Objective - Attacker: DUH! Gee... if I was a tyranid bent on raising hell what would I want to do? Kill anything and everything.

Objective - Defender: Kill Tyranids. The Space Wolves have an extra agenda listed above.

Reserves - Attacker: none. Hey, total carnage right? Why hold anything back?

Reserves - Defender: None. All out defend throw everything you got at them.

Game Length: at least 6 turns

Line of Retreat - Attacker: none

Line Of Retreat - Defender: deployment zone

Other Things: each chapter should have 1000 pt. armies while tyrandis can have anything up to 5000! (Azreal is required for this battle) Victory Points: Space Wolves: 25 for Azreal 5 per squad of tyranids 2 for any other Dark Angel Dark Angels: 5 per squad of tyranids 5 PER space wolf after the assination of Azreal (hey they are pissed) They may not recieve victory points for this if the the space wolf was killed by a dark angel that did not see the assination of Azreal or did not have it communicated to them. Tyranids: 5 per squad of space marines