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A Clash of Patrols
Concept from White Dwarf 207
Adapted for WH 40K 3 by Michael Pye


The Space Marines are guarding an Imperial Firebase. When Eldar scouts in the area come across it they decide that it must be neutralised as it poses a threat to their further exploration of the area. Their immediate superiors muster a small, fast force and waiting until almost all the Space Marines are out on patrol, they strike.

Scenario Special Rules.

This scenario uses a variant of the reserves special rule.
Instead of rolling a dice to see when the Space Marines on patrol arrive back, they arrive on the 2nd and 3rd turns, a proportion on each. The same applies to the waves of the Eldar attack, only they arrive a turn earlier (1st and 2nd).
The Eldar arrive on one of the short ends of the table. Each Space Marine unit arrives on a randomly determined edge (other than the Eldar arrival edge).

Force Allocation - Space Marines

1 Tactical squad consisting of 10 men and up to 30 points of optionals.
Any number of Fast Attack selections up to a total value of 500 points.

The tactical squad starts the battle on of in the bunker (which should be placed in the centre of the board and may not be destroyed).
The remaining force is split into two waves, the first 300 points and the second 200 points.
These enter the table on the 2nd and 3rd turns as discussed earlier.

Force Allocation - Eldar

1 Ranger squad consisting of 10 men.
Any number of Fast Attack selections up to a total value of 400 points.

The Ranger squad may set up anywhere on the board which is not within 18" of the Bunker.
The remaining force is split into two waves, the first 300 points and the second 100 points.
These enter the board on the 1st and 2nd turns coming on the Eldar table edge.

Victory conditions.

The game lasts for 5 turns. The Eldar win if there are no Space Marines above half strength left within 6" of the bunker at the end of the battle. If there are both Space Marines and Eldar above half strength occupying the bunker then it is a draw. In any other case the Space Marines win.

More Ideas.

Try this scenario with your own forces, swap the Rangers and Tactical Squad for other troops in the same roles (Ork heavy weapons holding the bunker and some little Tyrands crawling round them).

Try these variations,
1) A Clash of Patrols at dawn. Fight the first turn as a Night Fight.
2) A Clash of Patrols at night. Use the Night Fight rules - The Dark Eldar would be particularly partial to night time sneak attacks!
3) A Clash of Patrols with Random Game Length. The bunker is being assulted to keep this group of Marines busy; at some point the Eldar will be told to fall back, but the Marines don't know how long they have to hold out. Perhaps recycling Eldar would be a good idea, but if you do, think about using heavier Marines and letting them get better dug in.
Thanks to AD Pye for contributing to these ideas

Remember most of all - have fun and try your own ideas too!


Unfortunately I have neither the time nor the armies to play test this scenario, so if you have any comments don't hesitate to e-mail me.

When playing this scenario remember that it is supposed to capture the feel of fast moving vehicles zooming round an objective, engaged in dog-fights or strafing ground units. Use as big a board as possible, and don't clutter it with too much terrain as normal fast vehicles like bikes need plenty of freedom to move.

Note:  This battle came from a great 40K site:  Ultimate Warhammer 40,000