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Destroy the bridge
by Marcin Witkiewicz.


Overview - Attacker.

You have been ordered to overrun and destroy an enemy held bridge. Doing this you will cut the enemies line of suppily to his front line allowing the main body of your forces to crush him utterly.

Overview - Defender.

Your force has been assigned to defend a bridge which forms a vital link between your front line and your suppilies and reinforcements. You are to protect the bridge from enemy attack as its destrution will surely lose you this vital front of the campaign.


This scenario is based on the Raids scenario Sabotage (WH 40k rule book p.149). It takes the scenario on step further, using a huge bridge as an objective.
The scenario uses the same special rules as sabotage with the exception of sentries which is not used as the bridge is important and will be fitted with long range sensers and scanners.


Instead of an objective, place a big (and I mean at least 50cm) bridge in the centre of the table facing towards the attacker's deployment zone. A wide (30cm or more) river should flow under the bridge and across the table. This river is impassable to all models except skimmers whick must take the appropriate dangerous terrain tests, and jump pack troops who may not end a move in the river.
Two points on either side of the middle of the bridge should be marked as the two vital structural points where the explosive charges must be placed to cripple the bridge. Only one point need be detonated to destroy the bridge.
Attacking tanks should not be allowed access to the bridge and suitable (invunerable) tank trap type terrain should be placed around that end of the bridge to stop attacking tanks moving along it. Defending tanks may mount the bridge but obviously cannot go far at the other end.

The attacking force sets up as in the sabotage scenario. The defending force may set up any HQ and troop units as well as one heavy support unit. All other defending units start the game in reserve.

Playing the scenario.

The game is played as described in the sabotage mission except as mentioned above and the same victory conditions appily.


I played this scenario with its author and had great fun. He owns a huge card bridge which is nearly 75cm long which he obtained from a Polish wargaming company and if anybody feels they could make one it really adds to the feel of the scenario. I don't think there should be any problems with this scenario, but if there are then e-mail me and I'll try to get it sorted.

Note:  This battle came from a great 40K site for just about anything.  Here's the link:  Ultimate Warhammer 40,000