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Name: Vince L. Falcone
Battle Name: Alraun Archipelago Depot.
Attacker Overview: The Attacker (Ideally Chaos or Ork) are trying to get back to their own lines, but are in need of Fuel and supplies found at this remote Imperial Depot.   They should be a relatively small band (5 Squads, 1 Dreadnught)  These forces have to over-run the garrison there, and use a minimum of 1 squad to load  (Take) fuel supplies while the others hold off the defenders. (It will take 2) turns to load all supplies witha full squad)  They are entitled to one Personality Character, and 1 of the squad may be of Veteran Status.
Defender Overview: The defenders of the Facility should be between 2 -3 squads of Imperial Gaurds or Scouts only.  (This represents Standard Military Defense)  After 4 turns of combat, 1 squad of Imperial Marines will arrive every other turn to relieve the garrison. Up to 6 Squads (3 Marines, 3 Imp. Guard)total may arrive
Special Rules: If the Invading Force knocks out the Communication Tower, it will take a d6 additional turns for re-enforcements to arrive.  Also, if the Squad seizing the fuel is killed or routed, another squad must take up the action to load the goods.
Setup: The Invading Force will take the station from the South.  It has a total of 6 Squads, 1 of which must be busy loading the cargo.  Another may be held in reserve.   One squad of defenders may be emplaced on high ground (Tower) the other 2 should be on opposite ends of the compound on patrol.
Mission Objective: The Invaders Mission is simple:  1 Squad must take 2 turns loading the Cargo (They must make a thin line from cargo to the farthest point back towards their table-edge) as they pass the goods hand back to each other towards their ship, while the other Squads cover them.

The Defenders must stave off all attackers, and destroy them to the man.  Else the Invaders may run off the table edge and return another day with a stronger army.

To keep it intersting, Both Teams Commanders have met before in battle, and should have some unfinished business to resolve.
Reserves: The Invaders get only 1 squad of troops, and a Dreadnaught in reserve)   they may be summoned at any time.
The Defender get 6 Squads of Reserves, to arrive every other turn, after the 4th turn. 1 Squad at a time.
Game Length: The game should have no set time limit on it, as the Invaders have no fuel with which to depart on (and get very far at least), whilst the Defenders will not persue the invaders for they have no idea if more enemy forces lie beyond the line of retreat.   They are concerned merely with defending the station.
Line of Retreat: The Defenders have no line of retreat (to speak of...) If they choose to run, it must be Northwards, away from the Invaders.

The Invaders Should not be retreating either, as they have no where to go on such limited fuel of their own....but if they must, it must be southwards, away from the depot.