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Battle Name: all alone

Your Name: force commander ken stone

Your E-Mail: [NONE GIVEN]

Overview - Attacker: it is the aftermath of a huge battle. you have fewor no full squads. A powerful enemy commander is still alive. Change this.

Overview - Defender: you are a highly decorated war hero in the middleof the battle field. alone. surrounded. need i say more?

Scenario Special Rules: the attacker uses the sustained attack rule.the defender may have twice as many points as the attacker at the startof the game.The defender may only use an independant character.the attacker may only use squads that are below 50% minimumrequirement, and may not use independent deep strike!

Set Up: defender-table centre attacker-any board edge

Objective - Attacker: kill the enemy commander.

Objective - Defender: fend off the attack.

Reserves - Attacker: none.

Reserves - Defender: none.

Game Length: 8 turns

Line of Retreat - Attacker: nearest board edge.

Line Of Retreat - Defender: nearset board edge.

Other Things: I strongly suggest that the defender uses a reallywargear-loaded home made character.