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The Alamo

by Brandon Morin

The Story


Space, Marines, Eldar, or Imperial Guard: You are the protagonists in this battle, and take tge place of the Texans in the battle of the Alamo. You are in the Alamo, trying desperately to hold of forces that outnumber you greatly.

Tyranids, Orks, Chaos, or Dark Eldar: You are the antagonists of the battle, and represent the Mexicans. A small rebel force has occupied a chapel, and it is your job to "take out the garbage."


Primary Objectives


Space Marines, Eldar, or Imperial Guard: Your job is to hold out the fort for at least 4 turns, and afterwards you have the choice to end the game or continue playing.

Tyranids, Orks, or Dark Eldar: Your objective is to completely wipe out the rebel forces - this means not leaving one survivor no matter what. You must accomplish this within 4 turns.


Secondary Objectives


All Armies: Your secondary objective is to minimize all of your own losses.


Special Rules


1. The Mexicans will have twice as many points as the Texans. They will split their army into three different groups, and each one must have at least one unit in it. Roll a D6. On a 1-2 you will use the first group to start with, on a 3-4, you will use the secind group to start with, and so on. On the third turn, your secind group will come into play on your board edge, and the last group will come in on the 4th turn.

2. This mission does not use Deep Strike rules.

3. The defender (Texans) may place cover wherever they want, but must place at least 1/3rd of it on the Mexican’s board edge.